Employee Health and Wellness Programs

While we always take a holistic organisation-wide view; at its most fundamental, we’re talking about individual health and wellbeing. For us that’s about supporting optimal workplace function, education and personal accountability.

Our employee health and wellness programs are designed to enable your people to work more easily and more efficiently while gaining increased satisfaction and productivity. And when it comes to rehabilitation, we help your people take back control of their lives.

Health in the workplace is important at every stage of working life. Establishing best practice early is vital (including for tools and equipment e.g. manual handling, work station assessments and ergonomics). Equally, it’s important to consider whether you’re offering a healthy workplace to your senior teams and those considering retirement.

We show you cost-effective ways to support your people and teach them how to help themselves to create a healthy workplace. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

Maintaining Health in the Workplace

Our employee health and wellness programs include a wide range of preventative measures including workplace risk assessments, occupational health and safety, ergonomics and mindfulness at work.

We give you and your people the tools and information they need to maintain optimal health in the workplace at all times.

Healthy Workplace Rehabilitation

For employees who are returning to work after injury or illness, our employee health and wellness programs are tailored to support them even throughout their recovery / rehabilitation. Our services include education, Occupational Therapy assessments and advice.

We provide the tools and advice you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to enable them to return to full health in the workplace.

Supporting Healthy Workplace Practices

We work with employers, insurers and individuals to provide seamless employee health and wellness programs for all your people, at every stage of their working life. If you are taking on staff or have staff looking to retire, now’s a great time to talk to us.

Our team has the assessment tools, knowledge and expertise to assure you and your people enjoy optimal workplace health and wellbeing.

Employee health and wellness programs can dramatically increase workplace motivation and productivity. To see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours, see our case studies.

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