Ergonomics and Environmental Office Design

Ergonomics is the study of workplace efficiency. Although people often talk about ergonomics in terms of workstation risk assessment; the practical application of ergonomic theory extends far beyond posture or an ergonomic chair to encompass everything including environmental office design.

Your obligations under the Health & Safety act include keeping your people safe. An ergonomic workstation assessment is an essential ingredient in meeting those responsibilities. Our ergonomic consultant will professionally assess your workstation risks across your wider business.

Our approach to ergonomics is a holistic but practical one. Our experience means that we can quickly assess where ergonomic principles can help your people work more efficiently, not just at their desks but in the very real day to day of the jobs they do.

With our help, you can be confident you are taking the right care of your people. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

Workstation Risk Assessment

An ergonomic workstation assessment means understanding how your people work and helping them put best practice in place. It’s particularly important to address any muscular skeletal issues to avoid injury.

A workstation risk assessment is undertaken at your premises by an ergonomic consultant who will make practical recommendations tailored to each specific workstation.

Environmental Office Design

We offer a full environmental office design program that includes ergonomics, posture, education around ergonomic principles as well as assessing the whole work environment to create a healthier, happier workspace for everyone.

Our recommendations ensure you get appropriately tailored options that can be reasonably put in place straightaway, including task analysis and assessment of existing work method practices.

Functional Job Descriptions

We assess a specific role to create a functional job description which can then be matched with functional capacity evaluation of a candidate for a role. This process ensures that a candidate is physically capable of performing the role’s functions.

Functional job analysis is a key tool for preventing accident and injury whether for a new person in a role, to assess the impact of a role on the incumbent or to prepare a return to work program.

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