Supported Return to Work Programs

Supported return to work programs give your employees a valid and detailed plan to enable them to return to work after illness or injury. Whether they are returning to their old role or adjusting to a new one, we can create graduated return to work programs so that all invested parties have exactly what they need.

Guidelines for Workplace Return to Work Programs

Drawing on extensive experience and best practice guidelines for workplace return to work programs we develop a clearly documented pathway to bring your employee on board.

We will start with an Occupational Therapy session to understand where the individual is currently at, what they are and are not able to do, the treatment they’ve had to date (and expect to have in the future).

As part of this process we will be able to give them expert advice on practical approaches for re-engaging in activity (paid or unpaid) as they return to health.

We can engage with your employee at any stage of the treatment process. Whether they are just beginning treatment or whether direct treatment was completed some time ago, we can work together to help optimise their functionality for a return to work.

Graduated Return to Work Programs

Our graduated return to work programs devise a baseline with a functional job description and match your employee’s capability with the role they will return to do.

Working together with you, them and their healthcare practitioners we then create a tailored program that will support them in returning to work.

We monitor their progress providing written reports that detail our findings and clear next steps as they continue their progress.

We can liaise with all invested parties throughout the process to ensure a sustainable re-engagement with work is managed appropriately with everyone’s best interests front of mind.

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