Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Under the Health and Safety at Work act, all businesses have a responsibility towards preventing workplace injuries. We offer an injury and illness prevention program that is tailored to your business and ensures you meet your obligations under the act.

We focus on preventing workplace injuries for every part of your business from manual handling to ergonomic injury prevention. Your injury and illness prevention program gives you a clear platform from which to support and educate your team to keep them healthy and happy at work.

Our injury prevention and rehabilitation experience gives you the knowledge and tools you need to quickly and cost-effectively put the right practices in place across your business, while ensuring you meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work act.

We offer the practical expertise to ensure your people stay safe. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Functional job descriptions are a great tool for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. This kind of detailed task analysis is very useful in assessing a person’s ability to return to work, post injury or illness.

In addition, functional job descriptions provide a baseline of activity which can be generalised and used as a reference for role development and / or inductions.

Ergonomics Prevention

Ergonomics prevention means we spend time with your employee, one on one, at their workstation to establish the optimal setup for them.

Our recommendations are practical and give your people the information they need to for ergonomic injury prevention.

Manual Labour Injury Prevention

Muscular skeletal discomfort, and injury (work or non-work related) and medical conditions can impact on people’s manual labour capability.

Our assessment includes background information, treatment that’s occurred, assessment of work method practices and recommendations tailored to the specific situation.

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