Workplace Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is increasingly sought after as businesses enjoy the results. There is increasing evidence that mindfulness training can increase motivation and productivity, reduce stress and fatigue (relating to accidents, injury, absenteeism and turnover) and create a workplace environment that becomes a workplace of choice.

Mindfulness Training for Individuals

Individuals who are particularly stressed or in highly challenging roles are ideal candidates for one-on-one mindfulness training that is tailored to their specific needs. Investing in your key people is an essential business focus and our programs make an attractive element in recruiting the best people for those challenging roles.

Mindfulness Training for Teams

Mindfulness training offers benefits right across the board. Short term mindfulness training and mindfulness workshops can boost team morale and help your people take ownership of their stress and fatigue. We give them the practical tools and advice to help them control their mental environment which is every bit as important as their physical one.

Corporate Mindfulness Programs

Our corporate mindfulness programs are designed for your executive team. It teaches them the benefits of mindfulness as well as how to achieve a more stress free and focused approach to work and work issues. We work with you to tailor our corporate mindfulness programs to meet your specific needs as well as investment (time and cost).

Mindfulness in Your Business

In some cases, businesses have already seen and understood the benefits and wish to commit to organisation-wide mindfulness training. In other cases, businesses have specific issues or individuals of concern and it’s their first foray into mindfulness training. Our role is to help you assess how mindfulness training will work best for your business and your return.

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Mindfulness training can dynamically change an organisation for the better and create an environment that attracts and retains the most sought after people.

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