Workplace Risk Assessment & Management

Workplace Risk Assessment and Management

The health and safety act puts the onus on employers to undertake effective workplace risk assessment and management. As experts in the field, we make it easy for you to ensure your risks are mitigated and your people are looked after with the right information.

We offer a full suite of services from workplace risk assessment to individual workstation risk assessment including specific support for manual handling, unique-to-you health and safety risk assessment, and health and safety policy development.

For us it’s not just about pointing out the risks you have but drawing on our collective expertise to ensure you have practical, cost-effective solutions that you can readily put in place. We actively educate you and your people on best practice so everyone shares the accountability.

We give you real-world solutions that have proven results. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Our workplace risk assessment program puts one of our experts into your premises to assess an individual’s role in depth, and make recommendations.

All our risk assessment work takes a practical approach to ensure the best practice is affordably attainable and the individual understands their own role in keeping themselves safe.

Workstation Risk Assessment

For individual workstations, we undertake a one on one meeting to assess how the individual conducts their role and where there are risks or improvements to be made.

If you have staff members who are experiencing muscular skeletal discomfort or are returning to work post injury or illness, then a workstation risk assessment is an absolute must.

Manual Handling Assessment

Manual handling can have inherent risks that can be drastically reduced with education and training. For a person with existing health issues, manual handling can be an aggravating factor that actively needs minimising.

We offer specialist manual handling training that is tailored to your business practices including ergonomic considerations and in-depth analysis and assessment.

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