Who We Work With

We Support Businesses and People

Our role is to support our clients; insurance companies (private and ACC), businesses and the individuals they have responsibilities for. We’re here to give you the tools, information and advice you need to keep your people safe and help them return to work following an illness or injury.

Business Organisations

We provide expert support across a range of business requirements from risk assessments and reporting through to workstation and work process redesign.

We’re proactive, with the business acumen you need to ensure that the solutions you put in place are as good for your business as they are for your people.

All our services are tailored to your specific circumstances, across industry and sector. Our clients range in size and function. What they share is a desire for increased productivity and efficiency as well as reduction in absenteeism, turnover and of course, work related injuries.

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Insurance Companies

We work with ACC as well as private insurers to provide baseline assessments as well as structured return to work programs.

Our support can start as early as you need it to – from the moment of diagnosis. We recommend our early intervention because we understand the impact for the individual in lost opportunities caused by delays.

And when it comes to setting up insurance, we can provide the baseline analysis you need to employ an individual’s capacity in the specific job they do.

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For individuals, our role is to give you more control of your life. That means assessing where you’re at, and giving you the tools and education you need to stay safe and perform at your best.

Our programs include tailored training workshops that can fast track individual’s understanding of their own input into their health and wellbeing. We believe everyone has a role to play in keeping Kiwi workers safe and healthy – so when you’re ready for help, just get in touch.

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