Our Process

Proven Processes Designed to Deliver Results

Dynamic Results is an Auckland based competitive, private Occupational Therapy practice committed to delivering solution-based interventions relevant to all businesses and organisations.

Our focus is on what people can do, instead of what they can’t. We take a positive psychology approach which draws on “the scientific study of what enables individuals and communities to thrive”. That means our solutions follow established best practice – the things that have been proven to deliver results, over time.

Our people use their significant knowledge and expertise to tailor our programs to your specific situation and needs. No redundancy, just seamless solutions that prime your people to work and live more optimally. We know that’s good for business – yours and ours.

So, if that’s what you need, browse our site, see what we do and get in touch.

The Full Suite of Workplace Wellness Solutions

Workplace wellness is as much about prevention and remedial work. Our approach takes a whole of business view in a very practical and cost-effective way. We can work with you in a single area of concern or provide a total solution that will optimise the health and wellbeing of your people, organisation-wide.

Tailored Programmes that Deliver Results

All our solutions are based on best practice research and delivered by highly competent and qualified, experts in their field. That means we can tailor the ideal wellbeing solution for you, your situation and your budget. With our years of experience, we already know the best ways to deliver real results quickly.

“By creating realistic health goals and an environment that supports them, your employees will be able to work toward these goals and of course, your company sees the benefit. Best of all, your sales goals will improve as well.” ~ Joseph Byrd. Health Strategy, Appearance and Performance.

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