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Partnering with Insurance Providers

Dynamic Results is your partner when it comes to workplace health. Our services are designed to actively engage, assess, support and rehabilitate people in the workforce across industry, role and job functions.

That means we’re able to help you with one-off assessments as a basis for income protection insurance all the way through to designing a tailored return to work program to support your clients post injury or illness.

We understand that your reputation depends on the quality of our service delivery and we take great pride in our solution based approach; drawing on our exhaustive range or experts to deliver a complete program that is tailored to every unique situation.

We enable your clients to take back the control of their life. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

One-Off Risk Assessments

We offer a full range of one-off risk assessments so that you can establish a baseline for your risk, tailored to your needs or specific areas of concern.

This provides you with a clear understanding of your client’s current state of wellbeing, giving you a solid platform from which to make your decisions.

Functional Job Descriptions

Functional job descriptions provide you with a succinct breakdown of your client’s role (task analysis) as it was immediately prior to their illness, injury or disability.

Our analysis includes physical requirements as well as cognitive and behavioural demands, which give you (and the medical and associated providers) the specifics of their role and the capabilities required.

Occupational Therapy Consultation

Occupational Therapy assessments provide the information needed to support your clients to re-engage in activity (paid or unpaid) following a medical condition or injury, including while undergoing treatment.

We provide education and practical approaches during the consultation that assist your clients in their day to day living. This consultation may also form the basis for a program of rehabilitation that will be appropriate to your client’s needs.

Functional Reactivation Programs

Functional reactivation is an essential element in supporting your clients through to their recovery process. Following an Occupational Therapy consultation, we can tailor a program for your client.

Programs typically include education and practical advice that will reintroduce structure to support increasing activity tolerance and activity levels for employment, recreational and social aspects of life.

Return to Work Rehabilitation

Return to work rehabilitation programs support your clients to return to work safely and confidently, in either their previous role or a new one. They are best implemented after completing a functional job description.

This program will be established in consultation with your client and other health professionals to ensure a seamless approach and can include monitoring its impact to ensure the adequate support is continued to be provide moving forward.

We ensure that your commitments to clients are safely delivered, enabling you and them to focus on what matters more. To see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours, see our case studies.

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