What We Do

Occupational Therapy & Workplace Wellness

Occupational Therapy is the science of workplace health. As Occupational Therapists, our role is to help businesses understand how to create a healthy, productive, satisfied workforce that gets the jobs they need to do, done. At Dynamic Results, we focus on the practical tools and training that can help businesses and their people thrive.


We provide a full range of assessments both for the purposes of promoting wellness and for rehabilitation purposes. Our assessments include workstation assessments, manual handling risk assessments, office workplace assessments and functional job assessments (which provide a detailed breakdown of functions required to complete a role).

Our assessments give you a clear baseline of your workplace risks and our recommendations give you the practical means to manage them effectively.


Occupational Health & Safety rules mean you have to monitor the state of your workplace along with your people’s wellbeing. We provide a full range of reports to help you understand where your risks lie and how to mitigate them in accordance with the Health & Safety Act.

Our reports include advice for your Health and Safety policy, functional job descriptions for recruitment and rehabilitation purposes, workplace risk reports and documented workplace rehabilitation programs.


Our workplace rehabilitation services provide you with supported return to work programs with options on how much input you need from us. We can provide you with clarity and guidelines or create a fully monitored graduated return to work program depending on your requirements.

We can get involved from the moment of diagnosis or injury, co-ordinating a rehabilitation program through treatment and recovery. While early intervention is often useful, our services can help you and your people at any stage of recovery.


We offer a full range of Occupational Therapy consultations including for ergonomics, wellness in the workplace, risk assessments, readiness to return to work and even insurance fitness (e.g. for key personnel).

We tailor our services to your needs and provide best in class tools and tools to ensure you get an optimal return on your investment with us.

Tailored Training Workshops

Our tailored training workshops empower your people to take a self-managing approach to both risk and personal wellness. These are tailored to your needs, specific work environments and people.

We offer one-to-one training as well, but our workshops can be completed in a little as an hour and provide the essential advice your people need for areas such as manual handling, workstation setup, health and wellbeing, and mindfulness practices in the workplace.

Workplace health and wellness is the responsibility of everyone. To see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours improve the health and wellbeing of their teams, see our case studies.

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