Health and Safety Reporting

As a requirement under the new Health and Safety act, employers must actively take steps to protect employees from risks of illness or injury. Health and Safety reporting is an essential part of compliance but more importantly, our Health and Safety reports and assessments provide you with the information you need to truly look after your people.

Health and Safety Policy

Workstation assessments are a detailed assessment of a workstation for any individual employee. It involves spending time with the individual to gain a clear understanding of how they work and in what ways their workstation and or work methods can be improved to increase productivity along with job satisfaction while minimising any risks of illness or injury.

Functional Job Descriptions

Functional Job descriptions provide you with a clear report as to the requirements of any specific job. They form a clear platform from which to provide induction and training protocols so that workers can perform optimally within their role. These functional job descriptions can be generalised to similar roles and are ideal for creating a return to work program where rehabilitation is required.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace risk assessment reports give you a transparent view of the real risks within your business and how to mitigate those risks, responsibly. We can provide full reports and checklists to support your Health and Safety policy and meet all your obligations under the act.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace rehabilitation lets you retain institutional knowledge and lets your employee gain back some control of their life after illness or injury. Our return to work programs provide you with full reports detailing their return to work requirements, plan and results. We take the guesswork out of rehabilitation and give you a documented pathway to meet everyone’s needs.

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Health & Safety reporting is an absolute requirement. With our help, you will have a meaningful benchmark from which to understand the Health & Safety functions in your business.

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