Tailored Training Workshops

Tailored Occupational Therapy Auckland Workshops

Our vocational Occupational Therapy services include tailored training workshops designed to help you ensure your people have a healthy workplace environment. Our workshops include manual handling, workstation setup, health and wellness in the workplace and more… Each workshop is tailored to your workplace and your specific areas of concern.

Manual Handling Training Workshops

Most businesses understand the real risks involved in manual handling. We create a tailored Occupational Therapy workshop to teach your people how to protect themselves from strain or injury. We work with you to identify the risk areas and provide training designed around your business and the number of people involved.

Workstation Setup Training Workshops

The humble workstation can be a huge source of discomfort if not setup correctly. We understand the time and budget pressures of providing vocational occupational assessments for every member of staff. Our workstation setup training workshops can take as little as an hour. We present the information your people need to know, and demonstrate with a real workstation as an example.

Health and Wellness Training Workshops

Our health and wellness training workshops are at the heart of our reason for being. Our Auckland Occupational Therapy practice was designed to provide at whole of business approach to health and wellbeing. Our workshops are tailored to your areas of concern on topics including stress, illness prevention, illness management along with best practice work habits in your environment.

Mindfulness Training Workshops

Mindfulness training workshops teach your people the skills they need to help combat stress and fatigue in the workplace. We offer different levels of training depending on your people and the commitment you want to make. We can tailor workshops or create a full programme for your executive team so they can effect real change in your business.

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Our vocational Occupational Therapy workshops are tailored to your specific workplace and the jobs that people do. With our help, you can take control of your risks in a meaningful but practical way.

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