Return to Work Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation / Return to Work Program

Vocational rehabilitation or a return to work program is designed to help you support an employee with a safely managed pathway to get them back to work, after an injury or illness. It supports you with a measured approach to facilitate optimal outcomes for everyone.

In creating the return to work program, we provide vocational rehabilitation services including workplace assessments (office or manual labour) in consultation with your organisation, employee, doctors and relevant health practitioners.

Our focus is to provide work rehab that ensures a sustainable and safe return to work for your staff member. We develop a plan that is documented as a written report, and we can liaise between all invested parties to support a successful return to work.

Our expertise ensures the fastest and best outcomes for everyone. Now’s a great time to get in touch.

Work Rehab in Practice

Research shows that most people prefer to be in work and that absence from work negatively impacts on mental and physical health.

For the business, regaining that institutional knowledge far outweighs the time or cost effort required to create an effective return to work program.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Our vocational rehabilitation services include Occupational Therapy consultations, functional reactivation programs, workplace and workstation risk assessments as part of the return to work program.

Work rehab means successfully reintegrating your employee back into their role at a pace that they can sustain with further injury prevention and rehabilitation built in.

Functional Reactivation Programs

We work with insurance companies to provide staged rehabilitation post serious illness or injury.

Stage one involves an Occupational Therapy consultation from which we create an 8-12 week functional reactivation program to support increased activity levels and activity tolerance over time.

As their recovery progresses; stage two is where we develop their return to work program.

Staged programs provide the best means to reactivate individual competencies, ensuring a managed and optimal return to work.

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