Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments take a variety of forms and we offer a full suite of workplace assessments tailored to your business, employees and budget. Workplace assessments are appropriate for both office workstation and manual handling assessment. They are conducted on an individual basis but can be generalised across the wider organisation to support optimal health for everyone.

Workstation Assessments

Workstation assessments are a detailed assessment of a workstation for any individual employee. It involves spending time with the individual to gain a clear understanding of how they work and in what ways their workstation and or work methods can be improved to increase productivity along with job satisfaction while minimising any risks of illness or injury.

Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Manual handling risk assessments are specifically focused on best practice methods of completing manual handling tasks in manual handling roles. Our experience and expertise can quickly and efficiently identify any areas of concern and make recommendations based on the manual handling assessment that will keep your people safe at work.

Office Workplace Assessments

Office workplace assessments help reduce injury (such as Occupational Overuse Syndrome) and ensure that office workers have ergonomically desirable methods and tools in place. We work on an individual basis to make the assessment and our recommendations are tailored to the person and the job they do.

Functional Job Assessments

Functional job assessments involve a detailed analysis of the tasks pertaining to an individual’s role. This provides a clear baseline from which to recruit, develop an induction or training program as well as being a necessary platform from which to develop a return to work program after an illness or injury.

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Assessments whether for a workstation set up, functional job description or manual handling risk assessment give you the information you need to put the right protective measures in place.

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