Working Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs

Our health and wellness programs for employees teach your people how to best take care of themselves. While we recognise that employers have responsibilities under the Health & Safety Act, we believe individuals also need to know how to manage their health risks both for prevention of problems as well as in recovery from an accident or illness.

Health and Wellness Programs

Our workplace wellness programs for employees are tailored to your people and their needs. We consider elements from best practice manual handling and workstation setup through to managing stress and disease prevention (e.g. diabetes) depending on the makeup of your team and the issues that are causing you concern.

Injury Prevention Programs

Injury prevention programs aren’t just for manual handling but also consider factors such as stress and fatigue. Our tailored workplace wellness programs teach and guide your staff on how to assess their own risk at home, work and play. We show them how they can improve their overall wellbeing, reduce risk and take responsibility for their safe practices.

Rehabilitation Programs

Our tailored rehabilitation programs are designed to empower both you and your employee from the outset. We can become involved from the moment of diagnosis (accident or injury) or when they are looking to return to work. We provide the advice, information and practical tools they need to fast track their recovery and help you manage expectations with them.

Stress Reduction Programs

Stress is a growing concern in the workplace, contributing to injury, absenteeism and turnover. We help you put a stress reduction program in place that not just helps your people work more productively in the day to day – but also makes you an employer of choice. We work with you to tailor our program for your workplace and your team.

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We believe wellness in the workplace is a shared responsibility – both the employer and the employee have responsibilities for optimal health and wellbeing.

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